“Have You Joined the Free State Project Yet?” by George Reich

Have You Joined the Free State Project Yet?

By George Reich

If not, why not? The Free State Project (FSP) offers the best chance to accomplish all of the things we Libertarians dream about.

Imagine lowering your property tax bill by 75% or more. Imagine starting and managing your own business without permits, licenses or regulations. Imagine being free to use your land for any purpose you desire. Imagine paying less for goods and services of all kinds. Imagine being prosperous enough to raise a family on one income. Imagine living in a New Hampshire that does not dictate what substances you are allowed or not allowed to put in your body. Imagine a New Hampshire with a privatized school system that empowers you to make the educational choices best suited to the needs of your children.

We can make these things, and more, happen in NH. And we can make them happen within our lifetimes. The FSP will be assembling 20,000 freedom activists from all around the country and sending them to a single state. Once the FSP reaches 5000 members, a vote will be taken to decide which state the project will target. The project grows weekly and now has over 2500 members.

We must act now before this opportunity is lost forever. We need to make sure that when the vote is taken, New Hampshire comes out on top.

Joining the Free State Project doesn’t cost anything and does not mean making a commitment to move away from NH. Members are free to “opt out” of any and all states that they reserve the right not to relocate to. There is nothing unethical about opting out of all nine of the other states – NH is for many reasons the best choice for the project, and offers the best chance for its success.

At its January meeting, the LPNH executive board voted unanimously to endorse the Free State Project. Read the press release here. The board created a “Welcome to the Granite State” committee which is working very hard toward bringing the FSP here to New Hampshire. But we need your help. We need you to join the project and we need you to convince your friends, neighbors and coworkers to join the project. And we need you to vote for NH. Don’t procrastinate any longer. Go to FreeStateProject.org and sign up today. Your freedom depends on it!

You can find out more information about the Welcome to the Granite State committee at lpnh.org or by emailing fsp-nh@lpnh.org. We’ve also set up a networking database for those who’d like to help the project or promote their business or services to FSPers at www.lpnh.org/lpnh-fsp-db.htm

In the center of this newsletter is an insert highlighting the advantages of New Hampshire and some of the testimonials we’ve gotten. You are free to copy and give it to anyone you know.


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