Free State Project at the Molinari Institute in France

The Free State Project
Speech by Steve Cobb
Aug 15 2003

Translated from French.

The Free State Project was born of a simple awareness: the impossibility that there had to convince a sufficient percentage of American voters that the maximum personal and economic freedom was crucial in itself but that it was the best way to maintain peace and prosperity. During the last century, it was observed in the United States a continuing trend towards democratic totalitarianism, the abandonment of more rights and individual resources in favor of an omnipotent state. Members of the Free State Project (FSP) have agreed to adhere to a simple strategy but ultimately radical when their number reaches 20,000, project members undertake to settle in a little populated U.S. state that they have previously chosen. 20,000 fervent libertarians activists grouped in a single state means the possibility in one of 10 states with fewer than 1.5 million people to return the vote. As the political power in the United States is largely at the federal level, the libertarians can enforce their liberty and, consequently, their economic freedom.

The success of FSP is absolutely phenomenal. The number of adherents is doubling every 6 months and expected to reach 5000 before the second anniversary of the organization in August 2003, one year ahead of initial estimates. The first 5000 members will vote to determine the state in which the group will install. The vote took into account a large number of criteria: population, degree of liberalism, access to coast, public ownership so low. Even if the project members have not formally committed to move when their number reached 20,000 ara, it is encouraging to see that some members, eager to live free, have already put the project into effect.

Trying to counter the power of the U.S. State creating his alter ego in Europe is equally unrealistic to try to counter Hitler by Stalin. The only consistent approach is the internal stabilization and use an existing mechanism but today enraillé: The U.S. Constitution.
If citizens of other countries formulated their criticism of the United States by referring to the constitution and principles of lights, the odds are they would have much echo.
Critics such commitments and there has been from countries like France during the revolution and civil war in the United States would be truly lifesaving. FSP enthusiastically welcome such support from abroad .

In fact, the FSP already includes non-US immigrants, especially from Canada. Other nationalities are of course welcome even if they have things more complicated because it must keep in mind that immigration is a federal matter.

Following the huge success of the Free State Project,  an international libertarian recently launched Free Staters International.

Steve Cobb is manager for an IT company serving the oil industry in Sakhalin, a Russian island north of Japan. He is also the secretary of the Free State Project. You can write to


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